1. Night Market starts 4pm-10pm 

  2. Night Market Set up times 1pm-3pm, all vendors must be ready and operational at 4pm. No late arrivals/NO ENTRY

  3. Location: Bridgeland Riverside Community 917 Centre Ave NE

  4. Our event is Rain or Shine

  5. 10x10 spaces we do not provide or rent out canopies, tables, chairs - must bring own

  6. 2x6 spaces We do not provide/ rent out tables, chairs, umbrellas- NO 10x10 canopies on a 2x6 space-only umbrellas allowed. 

  7. Event ends at 10pm-NO packing up early 

  8. Once approved vendor has 24hrs to send payment

  9.  Payments is Etransfer only to: themarketshoplocal@gmail.com

  10. Due to planning and expenses no refunds are provided. Any reasons our event is cancelled and out of our control no refunds are provided. 

  11. If you cancel your event with us, there are no refunds but appreciated if you let us know. Send an email to: calgarynightmarket@gmail.com

  12. TMSL Ltd,. will not be liable to damage property, death, theft, or injuries or losses of any kind resulting from slips, falls, fire collapse of structures, aggression of other parties bylaw infractions or legal charges.

  13. Covid19 all vendors must follow all protocols at all times.

  14. All vendors must keep the area tidy and stow away any extra items not being used.

  15. All vendors must take their garbage at the end of each event. The area must be left the way it was occupied. 

  16. All food trucks must not dispose of greywater on Bridgeland parking lot or anywhere in the area and take garbage with you.

  17. Respect: Please respect your neighbors, volunteers, customers and organizers. Bad behavior will not be tolerated and will be escorted out.


Any questions and concerns please email Jeannette calgarynightmarket@yahoo.com

All rights reserved TMSL 2021