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The Market Shop Local (Ltd) is owned and operated by Jeannette Medrano.  We have been hosting community artisan markets since 2011, beginning with just 15 vendors.  We hosted our first outdoor markets in the summer of 2015 with over 5000 supporters.  During 2016 we collaborated with City Of Calgary for the biggest event of the year, Canada Day, and opened the Calgary Night Market at Central Memorial Park with more than 25,000 people attending.  

2020 we opened up our local shop at The Core Shopping Centre and 2021 We opened up our Chinook Mall location.

 Interested vendors that are wanting to consign please apply at:


We are always looking for new talent and we're very excited about continued growth and new venues for many years to come.



Where is your event located
We are located at 917 Centre Ave NE
Bridgeland Riverside Community
Event times: 4pm-10pm
Friday Nights
Do you give refunds?

Due to planning and expenses no refunds will be provided.

Do you provide tents, tables, chairs?


Depending on which event you sign up tables and chairs maybe provided. We do not provide tents, tables, chairs at our outdoor events.  We may be able to rent them out for you from  another source.



Do you provide free parking at the events?


We do not provide free parking at our events unless the venue has free parking. Parking is the vendors responsibility

What is the best way to contact the organizer?


Email is the best way. Please send us an email:


What types of payment do your vendors take?

Most of our vendors accept Visa, MC, Amex, Discover, Debit, Cash. New Vendors starting out usually take cash

Most of our vendors use SQUARE for payment processing.



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